Strapping down the vehicle

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Strapping down the vehicle

Strapping down the vehicle, All Sydney Tow Truck

We, at All Sydney tow truck take care of our customer’s vehicles as we do our own. It is our number one priority to secure the vehicle and ensure it’s safety. There are several different ways to tow a car. The simplest solution, using a flatbed trailer, involves hooking the trailer to the tow vehicle, driving your car onto it and tying it down by the chassis or suspension with axle straps and ratchet straps. The car's wheels won't touch the ground while it's being towed, so it is much safer to manage.

Most people think that towing is only about carrying away a vehicle which has been damaged in an accident but it is more than that, for example:

  1. Helping in moving a vehicle which has run off the road.
  2. Moving a vehicle which that has been illegally parked.
  3. Transporting a vehicle to a greenhorn location
  4. Getting non-functional vehicle to a Mechanic

Towing a vehicle using proper towing straps is much safer and easier than using a piece of rope. And we at all Sydney tow truck use the best tools in the market to ensure the best service possible.

And to ensure that level of safety for your vehicle, we employ the use of:


Types of straps according to situations:

Tie down straps, and tow straps are  used to secure a vehicle during towing but its usage depends upon different factors such as, the reason behind towing, type of vehicle and to also avoid vehicle damage during the towing process.

• As the name implies, towing straps are considered a reasonable option  for towing vehicles behind a tow car. The tow straps are connected to the front or rear of the automotive then secured to the tow bar.

• If a vehicle has front-wheel drive, the tow straps helps to hold the front of the vehicle off of the bottom for towing.

Recovery tow straps are flexible and make possible to strap down a vehicle that needs to be pulled back if vehicle is stuck in the mud, or water etc.

• If an automotive has a rear-wheel drive system, then the tow straps square helps keep the rear finish of the vehicle off of the road while towing.

• Flatbed trucks are used for towing motorcycle as well as cars. As an alternative, tow dollies and wheel lift bars are also used to tow all vehicles.

What are tie down straps and how are they used?

  • For securing a vehicle on flatbed trucks, tie down straps are the best option. There is a large variety of tie down straps such as two tie straps, which are used for motorcycles. These are strong enough to keep the vehicle from moving while transporting it from one place to another during towing.
  • One or two tie downs are wrapped around each tire to lock it onto the surface of the tow truck.

All Sydney tow truck provides services 24/7 so whenever you need a towing service Sydney whether in hurry or wants to schedule a towing relocation just contact us. We will ask you some questions about type and weight of vehicle so tow truck drivers reached at your location by ensuring everything.

If you have any questions that how your vehicle can be towed with safety ,call  All Sydney tow truck ,our expert team members will give you all the details.