Common Reason behind Truck Rollover, Tow Truck in Sydney

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Common Reason behind Truck Rollover, Tow Truck in Sydney

Common Reason behind Truck Rollover, Tow Truck in Sydney

Most fatal truck crashes across Sydney are caused by the truck rollover. Trucks are more prone to rollover accident because they have such a high center of gravity. During these crashes, large trucks can seriously injure those in passenger cars due to their huge size and more weighing. A truck rollover is one of the worst kinds of truck accident you can have. For preventing such a disaster, it’s crucial to know what may lead to them and understand how truck rollover accidents can be avoided.

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Driver Inexperience or Negligence

A truck driver’s negligence or inexperience can be the primary cause or a major factor in a truck rollover accident. Truck drivers usually travel for long distances, which can cause fatigue, drowsy driving or even falling asleep behind the wheel creating a higher risk of causing a rollover or other accident. Driving negligence includes

  • Talking on the phone
  • Impairment because of drugs or alcohol
  • Using mobile phone i.e Texting, social surfing
  • Eating, drinking or using the radio
  • Looking somewhere other than road

Sudden Changes in Steering or Over Steering

Truck drivers often intend to reach their destinations within a certain period. If a truck driver exceeds the safe drive limit and makes an abrupt change in steering to avoid other vehicle or an obstacle on the road, the shift in vehicle’s high center of gravity may cause it to roll over. Over steering is another common cause of rollover accidents. 

Poor Truck Maintenance

Truck owners are required to check that their trucks are in top condition before hitting the road. However, they usually ignore this due to the costs involved and the time it takes to maintain the trucks. Poorly maintained trucks are one of the biggest causes of truck accidents. If you are looking for truck maintenance and towing company at Hunters hill towing or surrounding areas All Sydney Tow Truck is available 24/7 to serve your needs. 

Improperly Loaded Truck

Most tractor-trailers and other cargo have a high risk of a rollover due to their design. A fully loaded truck has a high center of gravity, so it’s essential that for the load to be centered and refrain from shifting. Cargo that shifts as the truck moves around will upset the balance of the truck and increase its chances of rolling over. A partially loaded cargo tank can also pose a major threat because there is more empty capacity for the liquid to shift back and forth and alter the truck’s center of gravity. 

Truck accidents are different from car accidents in many ways. For this reason, truck rollovers should be handled by experienced accident recovery providers, call All Sydney Tow Truck for reliable and skilled towing service. Our skilled fleet will be at your preferred location in no time.