Safe Towing of Caravans

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Safe Towing of Caravans

Safe Towing of Caravans, Tow Truck Sydney

Our team at All Sydney Tow Truck admits that it’s worrying to tow a caravan safely. But, with patience, you will soon be towing a caravan frequently with confidence and ease all over NSW. With the right information and training, anyone can safely tow a caravan.

 So, All Sydney Tow Truck informs of some safety tips to help tow a caravan safely in Hunters Hill, HomeBush and Gladesville:

  • Choose the right tow car:

  Weight and power are two critical factors in tow car choice. Get it right, and you’ll have many safe and protected journeys when towing a caravan. But get it wrong and every trip could be a never twanging test of fortitude

  • Choose the right tow bar:

There are several types of  tow bar like flange tow bar, fixed tow bar, detachable tow bar and swan neck tow bar which all do the same job, but approach the task in different way. Detachable tow truck is best among all these.

  • Make these things check:

Once you realized that how easy it to tow a caravan, it’s easy to become satisfied. Even a correctly set up can get lively in the wrong conditions like excessive speed, strong winds, standing rain water and passing vans and heavy trucks can all cause a caravan to sway dangerously. Always check the following things before every towing of caravan:

Tire pressure

Wheel nut torque

Caravan driving lights

Securely close all doors, windows and locks

Fit a road legal number plate to caravan

  • Learn to load properly

Correct loading of your caravan is key to its stability on the road

Do not place heavy items at the extremes of the caravan as this creates apendulum effect and there are chances to get in trouble.

Don’t travel with full water or waste tanks, as sloshing liquids might enhance a pendulum effect.

  • Fit  extended towing mirrors:

Extended towing mirrors are legal requirement when towing caravans. They give you an enhanced view that reaches 20 meters backwards and four meters out from the side of a vehicle.

  • On tight bends allow plenty of room for the caravan to follow you through the turn, e.g., drive slightly further past the corner than you would usually and turn in a little later. When reversing in a straight line, watch your mirrors regularly, swapping your focus from side to side every few seconds.
  • If at any point you start to see the side of the caravan appearing more in one mirror than the other, pull down on the steering wheel at that side and you’ll notice that mirror start to ‘empty’ as the van straightens up. You only need gentle inputs, and you should do this a walking pace or slower.
  • Once you master this simple technique, all other reverse manoeuvres become logical extensions of it.
  • Consider lifting the handle on your hitch-head stabilizer when driving. Lifting it releases the tension on the pads, which prevents grinding and squeaking noises and may drive easier.