Prerequisite auto care tips to avoid breakdown in long journey

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Prerequisite auto care tips to avoid breakdown in long journey

Auto Care Tips by All Sydney Tow Truck - Tow Truck in Sydney

In order to reduce the risk of breakdown while travelling in any of the areas of Sydney such as Kincumber, Lisarow and Little Wobby etc. follow these simple tips given by All Sydney Tow Truck:


You should check your tyre pressures every week; this is free and simple at gas stations the whole way across the nation. You should comprehend what weights to set the tires as they differ from vehicle to vehicle - you should counsel your vehicle manual. A general guideline is about 33PSI in each.

Continuously check the weight in your extra tyre before any long journey.

Air filter

It also can cause destruction with your vehicle. The reason for the air filter is to forestall sand getting sucked into the fuel blend in the motor, so it's important to keep it clean.

Most significant gas stations over the Sydney will have the option to do this for you as a major aspect of a clean.


You will know whether your battery is beginning to weaken if your vehicle battles to begin. If you notice any bizarre delays during driving, at that point you should change the battery as quickly as possible.

Mostly a battery won't dead during a journey as it is continually being charged by the alternator — it usually happens at the start of journey because of high risk at that time.

You can drag out the life of your battery by not leaving the start on (key turned without the motor running) while waiting at a petrol station or outside shops, and by remembering to turn your lights off when you park up. You should also turn the air conditioning off completely when you stop the car, since starting the engine with air-con switched on will cause strain on the starter.

 Oil and oil filter

With a cloth to hand, expel the dip stick and clear off the oil. Supplant the dip stick and expel it again following 5-7 seconds. The level ought to be between the two scored lines, as showed on the dip stick.

If the oil is dark, thick, or has little metallic parts in it then you should get it changed at your closest assistance station as soon as possible..

Your oil filter should be changed every year.

Carry a Spare Tyre / Stepney

Additionally, it is wise to carry an inflated spare tyre along with essential toolkits to avoid a flat tyre mishap on the roads. To prevent the tyre grime getting in your hands, wear your work gloves.

Emergency kit

The familiar maxim of "Be Prepared" can be applied to most things throughout everyday life, and with vehicles it is the same. You ought to consistently convey a emergency kit in your vehicle boot, which will be important on that one day when things turn out badly.

Check Wipers and Lights

The state of wipers and lights need to guarantee appropriate working during driving particularly late and early hours. Change the old, or destroyed wiper sharp edges if it leaves streaks so that you can see clearly while there is rainfall, fog, precipitation, etc.

Water level

Prior to your journey, when the motor is cool, essentially evacuate the radiator top and fill it with water to the "Maximum" line. You would be all around encouraged to include appropriate coolant which can be purchased from all significant gas stations. But if water is all you have then that will do in the short term.

Never fix the radiator top when the motor is hot! You hazard being singed by bubbling water.