Kinds of Tilt Tray Towing Equipment

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Kinds of Tilt Tray Towing Equipment

Kinds of Tilt Tray Towing Equipment, Cheap Tow Truck in Sydney

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Tilt tray tow truck as the name suggests comes with a feature that its tray can be tilted at such an angle that the rear edge touches the ground. The hydraulic system installed underneath the bed of the truck is mainly responsible for tilting the tray. Tilt tray towing offered by All Sydney Tow Truck in all areas of Sydney like North RydeRhodes, and Ryde facilitates the loading of heavy equipment onto the bed of the truck without using any type of crane or external aid.

All Sydney Tow Truck is extremely focused and passionate to tow heavy-duty vehicles and to recover them from accidents, mishaps and collisions. To serve that purpose, we keep on adding advanced tilt tray towing equipment to our fleet of tow trucks.

Some of the tilt tray towing equipment we have at our disposal that can carry even the heaviest of vehicles and loads are as follows:

Tilt-Slide Tray Bodies

Tilt-slide tray bodies are easy to operate as they have a low approach angle which allows the cars to be driven onto the deck on their own power and if damaged or disabled, they can be easily winched on. A chainless toe-down system is also available to ensure damage-free delivery. 

Low-Angle Tilt Tray Bodies

Its range and ability to lower closer to the ground as compared to any other tilt tray of equivalent capacity enables the operators to access the load and winches without walking on the tray itself.

Super-Tilt Trailers

These super-tilt trailers are designed to provide the largest tilt and slide capacity that can work even in the most remote regions of Sydney.

All Sydney Tow Truck's tilt slide trays are manufactured to a high-quality standard and can be used for towing heavy-duty vehicles that are badly damaged, moving shipping containers, sheds and heavy machinery from site to site without taking help from cranes. We have pioneered the newest inventions and safety features within the towing industry. To experience it on your own, pick up the phone and assign us the job no matter you are in North RydeRhodesRyde, or any other part of Sydney.