Kinds of Heavy-Duty Towing Equipment

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Kinds of Heavy-Duty Towing Equipment

Kinds of Heavy-Duty Towing Equipment

The technologically advanced equipment used at All Sydney Tow Truck allows for the safe transportation of all kinds of vehicles – including large wheeled vehicles like trucks, trailers, or construction equipment. All Sydney Tow Truck offers professional towing services to the customers to transport these heavy vehicles using custom equipment known as heavy-duty towing equipment.

Due to the size, heavy-duty towing can be quite dangerous. Attempting to tow a vehicle in the midpoint of rapid oncoming traffic can result in serious injuries and even losses. Therefore, always opt for All Sydney Tow Truck's professional towing services as we are providing tow truck service in all the major areas of Sydney like HornsbyKillara, and Lane Cove.

Different types of towing equipment are utilized for heavy-duty towing by our team depending on for which specific vehicle they have to provide roadside assistance or emergency towing. Detail of some of the equipment used is given below:

Fully Hydraulic Lowboys

These advanced trucks are usually used to securely tow heavy-duty vehicles and equipment like concrete blended structures, sheds, and an extensive variety of industrial equipment.

Car Transporters

They give unique treatment to your extraordinary vehicle and utilize a low stack edge to safely secure and stack vehicles that are low to the ground. They give pressure-driven flatbeds that guarantee your vehicle is transported effortlessly without any damage.