Pull over instantaneously after seeing these signs indicating vehicle trouble

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Pull over instantaneously after seeing these signs indicating vehicle trouble

Vehicle Trouble Sign, Tow Truck in Sydney

All Sydney Tow Truck tells some signs that when you see these signs in your vehicle pull over your vehicle immediately and contact our team. We are more than happy to assist you. You can contact us at any time. We are available 24/7 to provide you services.

Lack of Visibility
Your visibility can suddenly become impaired for all kinds of reasons: a sudden downpour, thick fog, broken windshield wipers, a big splash of mud and an empty windshield washer reservoir, a flying projectile that cracks your windshield or a hood latch that breaks and sends the hood flying up while you're driving. And this doesn't even count the most common source of poor visibility failure to clean off the windshield when it’s raining. Bottom line: If you can't see well for any reason, pull over right away and either fixes the problem or wait until the weather changes before getting back on the road. 

Any Loud or Sudden Noise

Your car is not supposed to make any loud, sudden or unidentifiable noises. A loud or sudden noise can be compassionate. It’s best to pull over and try to figure it out.

Sudden Change in Handling

If something changes in your car's handling and you can feel it in your steering wheel, chances are it is serious. It could be a sudden, extreme change like a tire blowing out or a wheel about to fall off. Or you might notice that the steering wheel is suddenly wobbling or tugging in one direction. These are all potentially serious problems that require pulling over.
There are a lot of crucial pieces in the front end of the car. Because they're attached to the front wheels you can often feel a change in the steering wheel. Pay attention to it. And contact our team at Normanhurst.

Steam/Water Vapor

Steam is usually an indication that coolant, which is under pressure, is escaping from your car's cooling system. If it's leaking slowly and hitting an exhaust pipe or something else that's hot, it may not be an emergency. But if it's leaking quickly, you can overheat the engine and do serious damage to your engine and your wallet. If your engine is overheating, you can sometimes save yourself thousands of dollars by pulling over before permanent damage is done.

Don't twist off the radiator cap right away to have a look-see. If your car is overheating, or even if it's not, the coolant is under very high pressure and can burn your face until it looks bad. So if you're not mechanically inclined, pull over, turn off your engine and find a good, local garage that can lend a hand. For this contact our team at Pymble.


There are lots of reasons why smoke might be issuing forth from your vehicle. But almost all of them are bad. Some are not emergencies such as when engine oil is dripping onto a hot exhaust pipe since a small amount of oil can produce a lot of smoke. But other times where there's smoke, there's fire. Or there soon will be. If you see smoke, it's best to pull over and check it out. 


If you see flames spouting from anywhere in your car, pull over immediately. Not only is your car beginning to turn into automotive flambé before your eyes, but there's a risk to your life, as well. Even if the flames aren't burning you, the fumes may be doing you in. So unless you're a trained firefighter, the best thing to do is look out for your own safety. Pull over your car immedietly, get a safe distance away from your car and call our team at Lindfield .