Advantages of Led Headlights

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Advantages of Led Headlights

Advantages of Led Headlights - Tow Truck in Sydney

Car head lights hold great importance as they guarantee the extreme safety while traveling. Without them, it seems impossible to travel for long distances. You can make the most of your driving experience by using functional head lights. There is a vast variety of car head lights that can be installed to serve different purposes as per their needs. Other than safety, car light accessories can be used for decoration of cars, providing them a sophisticated look, and for all your other needs. Our team at Thornleigh, Stives and Roseville always cares for you and always here for your assistance at just one phone call.

ALL SYDNEY TOW TRUCK informs of the Advantages of LED headlights:

Low power consumption

Ability to create adaptive headlights, which is impossible with halogen headlights and with xenon headlights it is costly and difficult. LEDs can be grouped together, and each one can be monitored. This allows to expand the possibilities of using LED lighting for cars almost unlimitedly.

Chances of accident become reduce

The light of LED headlights is close to natural light, which creates the most comfortable conditions for the driver, reduces the load on the driver’s eyes, and increases the level of safety. In addition, such lights on the road are very noticeable for all road users, significantly reduces the chances of getting into reports on road accidents.


Maintenance of LED headlights won’t be as often as its halogen counterparts. LED headlight bulbs have a lifespan of 15,000 hours compared to the 1,000 hours halogen headlights have. This translates to 11-22 years of operation before needing to replace them. These headlight bulbs are manufactured with higher grade material in order to achieve the illumination required for automotive use.


If your car did not come with LED headlights as standard, you can convert them with a purchase of a headlight kit. This gives you the advantage of LED headlights without needing to purchase ballasts or modifying the electrical system of your vehicle. There are LED headlight kits which are “direct plug-in” replacements. This means it can be directly fitted in place of your halogen headlight bulb. Installing this headlight replacement yourself is simple and may not even need the help of a mechanic, depending on your skills.