Consequences of Irregular Oil Changes

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Consequences of Irregular Oil Changes

Consequences of Irregular Oil Changes - Tip by All Sydney Tow Truck, Call Us +61 451 120 120

Car oil is equally important to the engine as it is for its performance. Car oil helps engine run smoothly and accurately. The oil cannot stay clean itself and it’s your job to change it for your car’s sake. Changing car oil irregularly will reduce car working efficiency, working ages and many more. When your oil becomes dirty from flowing through the engine, it can no longer perform any function. Our team at East Wood and Enmore work efficiently for car services and changes engine oil.

ALL SYDNEY TOW TRUCK explains the consequences of irregular oil changes

Reduce car engine work efficiency

No matter how modern your car is, you will send it to the grave early if not checking oil regularly if you don’t check out the oil regularly and don’t get your car serviced the heat in the working process will burn away all the coolant, which make the engine hotter old oil is one of the main reason of engine over heating this not only reduce the work efficiency of car engine, but also makes the engine hotter and damage other car parts.

Create dirt inside engine

In working process, engine details part will be damaged which lead to scratch. Not only that, high temperature from the oil will also create dirt. Normally this dirt will be collected under the hand of “oil filter” to avoid stick in under car engine. If owner is too lazy to change the oil, the car can be damaged.

Release polluted smoke

The older the car, the easy it burns and release toxic smoke. If you are the big fan of environment, this is the huge problem. Drivers should change car oil often as new oil creates less toxic black smoke.

Your vehicle’s life expectancy will decrease

The engine oil is probably most important in your car, so if you don’t take care of it properly and don’t replace its oil when needed. It’s easy to say that your vehicles life will be decrease significantly. As the components in your engine start breaking down due to a lack of protection of your vehicle.

Your wallet may take a hit

If you think that you are saving money by not changing the oil timely. You can face the bigger risk by fixing or replacing an engine altogether can be a lot more expensive and time consuming.

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