Do's and Don'ts of driving with a low car battery

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Do's and Don'ts of driving with a low car battery

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Running low on a car battery can be quite stressful as it is going to leave you stranded down the road sooner or later. Though, if it happens around ForestvilleFrenches Forest, or Ingleside, you can ask for a quick tow truck service in Sydney or a jump-start in case of a dead battery by All Sydney Tow Truck.

There are a few do's and don'ts that you must keep in mind while driving on a low car battery to ensure yours as well as the safety of the others and also to avoid the hassle.


Turn the hazard lights on

As soon as you realize you are going low on your car's battery, turn the hazard lights on to let other drivers know there's some fault in your car so that they can maintain a safe distance from your car.

Turn off all the items draining battery

To save the battery from completely dying, turn off all the items like the air conditioner or heater, headlights, music player, etc. which are putting extra load on the already low battery.

Call the Roadside Assistance

You are going to suffer a breakdown once your car's battery goes down, call All Sydney Tow Truck beforehand for a quick tow or a jump-start, and share your live location. It will help you save some precious time.


Don't drive too long

It is better to avoid long drives when your car's battery is low.

Do not try to jump-start the battery on your own

It is not advised to jump-start the battery on your own if you are not professionally trained for it also, you may not have the proper safety equipment required.

Car's battery can fail even if it is maintained properly. Therefore, it is always necessary to subscribe to All Sydney Tow Truck's towing service and roadside assistance to be served on priority nearby ForestvilleFrenches Forest, or Ingleside.