Identifying leaked auto fluids on the basis of color

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Identifying leaked auto fluids on the basis of color

Leaked auto fluids on the basis of color, All Sydney Tow Truck

If you are noticing a puddle or wet spots on the garage floor or in parking lots right under where you have parked your car, ignoring them can be notorious, as more often than not they signify, that your vehicle is leaking on a pivotal fluid.

Various car fluids, if gone below the standard level, can leave you looking out for All Sydney Tow Truck to get your car towed to an auto workshop.

The potential source of a fluid leak can be identified by analyzing the color, texture, and sometimes odor of the fluid. Here we are going to give you a complete guide on how you can identify the auto fluids leaked based on their color.

If you witness light brown to black colored spots under your car, it's most likely the engine oil. When the oil is new, it's usually amber brown or even dark golden, however, it gets darker brown to black later on.

Red-colored fluid can cause a bit of confusion, as both transmission fluid and power steering fluid are usually red. But, the position of the spots can help to distinguish between the two. If the red spots are near the front left side of the car, then it's surely the power steering fluid.

Slightly yellowish fluid with a slick texture signifies the brake fluid leaks. If you suspect that there's a brake fluid leak, then you should immediately call Roseville Towing to ask for a tow truck for your car, as it can be hazardous driving the vehicle until the leak is fixed and fluid topped up to optimum level.

Coolant comes in the most vibrant and fluorescent colors, therefore it usually easy to identify. You will also experience a sweet smell if there is a coolant leak.

You may experience a rainbow shaded fluid, which most probably is gasoline. However, gasoline may not show any spots, or a puddle, in that case, a gas leak is pretty evident by its smell. A gas leak can make you run out of fuel and leave you stranded if it happens you can avail Seaforth Towing's roadside assistance and refueling services.

If you see a small puddle of clear fluid under your car, then there is nothing to panic about, as it is just water. It is most likely to occur when the air conditioner of the car is in use.

Whether there are a few drops or a puddle, it's equally concerning and the leak needs to be fixed on priority. But, if for any reason the leak has led you to a breakdown around Roseville, Seaforth, or Willoughby, you can drop a call to All Sydney Tow Truck to get served.


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