How to assist a nearby accident?

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How to assist a nearby accident?

Assist a nearby accident in Sydney

If you are involved in an accident and got yourself injured or unconscious, there isn't much you can do. But, if luckily you are completely safe, the first thing you would do is to call the police, and after that, you will most probably look out for tow truck service in Sydney and All Sydney Tow Truck will surely be your best resort as it provides quick tow truck service in Sydney.

The question here arises, what will you do if you see someone else involved in an accident? In this article, we will set up a complete guide on how you can assist a nearby accident.

Keep yourself calm and composed

If you see someone involved in an accident while you are passing by, the first thing you should do is not to lose your calm and composure, as people tend to make more mistakes in panic.

Park your car to the side of the road

If you are the first responder to an accident, pull your car to the side of the road, and make sure your car is safely out of traffic lanes, also turn on your car's emergency flashers. But, if you find out the victim on the road, then park your car in such a way that it acts as a barrier.

Look over the scene quickly

Before calling out for help, it is better to take a few seconds to quickly assess the situation, which will help you provide vital information to rescue services. The first thing that needs to be done is to turn off the ignition of the accidental car. Next, you should look out for things like how many cars are involved, the number of victims, or if there is a fire, smell of gas or smoke.

Call emergency services

Once you have made a quick assessment of the accident site, call the emergency services, and provide them all the information you have gathered, so they can act accordingly. Also, tell them your exact location, including any landmarks that can help them find you easily.

Provide first-aid to the injured

Now provide first-aid to the victims, while making sure that you don't pull or move them much, as internal injuries are not usually visible, but moving or pulling the victim may result in acute pain or further damage. Try to stop if there is any bleeding by applying bandages, till the help arrives.

All Sydney Tow Truck encourages all its clients and readers to always carry first-aid kit with them and also to undertake basic first-aid training, as it can help saving someone's life. Once, the things look good and under control and all the victims are declared safe, don't forget recommending them All Sydney Tow Truck's cheap towing service.