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How to Improve Gas Mileage?

How to Improve Gas Mileage? Tips from All Sydney Tow Truck

As our clients have always saved a lot of money by subscribing to All Sydney Tow Truck's most economical roadside assistance and quick tow truck service in Sydney, here we are going to bring one more thing into our clients' notice that can help them in saving a few extra bucks, and that is by improving their fuel consumption.

Our driving habits have a considerable impact on our vehicle's fuel efficiency. There are a few tips and tricks that can help to improve fuel consumption, some of which can be implemented effortlessly and some require a bit of a dedication, are given below:

Go easy on the pedals

By pedals, here, we mean both the gas and brake pedals. Quick accelerations and sudden stops can contribute to poor fuel economy. Applying l...


Consequences of Irregular Oil Changes

Consequences of Irregular Oil Changes - Tip by All Sydney Tow Truck, Call Us +61 451 120 120

Car oil is equally important to the engine as it is for its performance. Car oil helps engine run smoothly and accurately. The oil cannot stay clean itself and it’s your job to change it for your car’s sake. Changing car oil irregularly will reduce car working efficiency, working ages and many more. When your oil becomes dirty from flowing through the engine, it can no longer perform any function. Our team at East Wood and Enmore work efficiently for car services and changes engine oil.

ALL SYDNEY TOW TRUCK explains the consequences of irregular oil changes