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Car Leaking Antifreeze

Car Leaking Antifreeze

The use of antifreeze is important for the safe operation of your car. It keeps your engine from overheating by removing heat from the engine and cooling it with outside air circulating through your radiator. It also prevents the water in your cooling system from freezing in cold temperatures. It also acts as a rust inhibitor inside your motor, piping, and radiator. Antifreeze is a significant under-the-hood fluid that should be tested on a regular basis, particularly in older vehicles. Here are some of the causes of antifreeze leakage as described by All Sydney Tow Truck.

⦁    A blown head gasket 

A blown head gasket can cause coolant and engine oil to mix. This is hazardous to your engine and can result in a catastrophic failure. Even if it does not fail right away, your fuel economy will suffer, your engine efficienc...


Prerequisite auto care tips to avoid breakdown in long journey

Auto Care Tips by All Sydney Tow Truck - Tow Truck in Sydney

In order to reduce the risk of breakdown while travelling in any of the areas of Sydney such as Kincumber, Lisarow and Little Wobby etc. follow these simple tips given by All Sydney Tow Truck:


You should check your tyre pressures every week; this is free and simple at gas stations the whole way across the nation. You should comprehend what weights to set the tires as they differ from vehicle to vehicle - you should counsel your vehicle manual. A general guideline is about 33PSI in each.

Continuously check the weight in your extra tyre before any long journey.

Air filter

It also can cause destruction with your vehicle. The reason for the air filter is to forestall sand getting sucked into the fuel blend in the motor...


Pull over instantaneously after seeing these signs indicating vehicle trouble

Vehicle Trouble Sign, Tow Truck in Sydney

All Sydney Tow Truck tells some signs that when you see these signs in your vehicle pull over your vehicle immediately and contact our team. We are more than happy to assist you. You can contact us at any time. We are available 24/7 to provide you services.

Lack of Visibility
Your visibility can suddenly become impaired for all kinds of reasons: a sudden downpour, thick fog, broken windshield wipers, a big splash of mud and an empty windshield washer reservoir, a flying projectile that cracks your windshield or a hood latch that breaks and sends the hood flying up while you're driving. And this doesn't even count the most common source of poor visibility failure to clean off the windshield when it’s raining. Bottom line: If you can't see well for any reason,...