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Various types of Spare Tyre

Various types of Spare Tyre, All Sydney Tow Truck 

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You don't want to wait until you're on the side of road in Concord, Enfield and epping to invest in a spare tire. So, before you go, purchase the right tyre according to your vehicle. Here All Sydney Tow Truck gives you tips and information about different kind of spare tyres.

Full-Size Temporary Spare Tire:

This full-size transitory extra is worked with a lightweight development and a shallow track profundity. It should coordinate the vehicle's tire size determinations, yet you should just utilize it as an extra.

Benefit: Because these extra tires are full-size, they by and large don't meddle with ABS, all-wheel drive or footing control. The lightweight development won't add a great deal of weight to your vehicle.